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Since the establishment of King Leader in 2005, we have set up a R&D center in Bucheon-City, Gyeonggi-Do in Korea with GSP SYSTEMS Inc. King Leader invests 10% of the sales turnover every year in the product R&D, and shares the R&D development with GSP SYSTEM Inc. We have around 50 engineers in Korea, and provides the newest and most competitive CCTV full series products for the market, including WDR camera, EFFIO 700 TVL camera, IR camera with SDI high quality for CMO Panasonic program, CIF/D1 embedded recorder, PTZ high speed dome camera series, etc. Technical innovative is with highest importance in the company mission - INNOVATIVE SECURITY WORLD. King Leader always pursue the most advanced techniques and satisfy the needs of customers. We will invest more money on R&D and keep competitive R&D capability.


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