Dev. and Research

Development and research

King Leader Security puts more than 10% of sales revenue into the research and development per year, has established a global technology, talent, experience and quality management’s R & D platform, has a high-quality R & D team with more than 80 people, set up R&D institutions in Shenzhen, China. Products, technology research and development covering the full range of color cameras, network digital video cameras, high-speed Dome Camera, embedded video recorder products.

King Leader Security sticks to a developmental and innovative idea which is oriented by customer demand, takes the international standard of product’s quality as the goal, provides high-quality, cost-effective products and services to the global clients.

R & D Management

Based on the tradition and practice, King Leader Security has established the R & D system leading with the international advanced integrated product development process (IPD), and ongoing process change and management. Benefiting from this system’s support and guarantee, King Leader Security could export products of market-testing and higher value for clients.

Product Testing


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